Finally, A Fabric Decision!

For a very long time, I have been wanting to find just the right fabric to complete my bedroom. Once I found a set of sheets from Jonathan Adler that I decided to turn into drapes and pillows for my room, I just needed a contrasting fabric to complete the look. Easier said than done.

My room has gone through an embarrassing amount of design options:

Some of these ideas are photographing nicely but somehow did not work in real life. The coral option ended up feeling brighter than I wanted (I am going for a soothing scheme), and the gray in the last option felt a little too cold. I had basically given up, when I happen to come across a Marimekko napkin (yes, a napkin!) at Crate and Barrel:

The type of pattern was exactly what I needed to offset the geometric design in my other textiles. I still need to sew it into an actual pillow, but here is how it is going to look (apart from the terrible photography):

I picked up two of them, as I have plans to fix up a little chair I recently bought at a second-hand store:

I am thinking of painting the chair white, because this wood looks a little cheap. And by the way, those are the curtains making their blog debut!

Of course I am never happy...I now want to paint the bedroom a warmer neutral, then jazz up the gallery wall above the bed. Ugh, it never ends!

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