Shopping for Home Decor at Kohl's

I always love to find deals on clothing at Kohl's, however, I don't see the store as a go-to place for home decor. That might change for me though with their Elle collection. I came across some newer items from the collection on their website, and I loved what I saw! Check out a sampling of them:

1. White Candleholder
2. Horn Bowl
3. Vase
4. Pillar Candleholder
5. Antler Decor
6. Leaf Decorative Pillow
7. Bone Decorative Box
8. Accent Table

Unfortunately a lot of these items never seem to make it to the stores (at least not mine,) but for the prices, you probably can't go wrong. I'm eyeing that little bone inlay box...it might make its way onto my coffee table (which desperately needs some fun decorative items).

Have you bought anything from this collection before? Tell me what you think!

All items, www.Kohls.com (this is not a sponsored post)


The Beauty Method said...

Wow! After loving your post i checked out the rest of the collection...everything was so reasonably priced, pity they don't ship to Australia! Thanks for sharing!
Miss Walker xoxo

Karen said...

I wasn't familiar with that collection. Generally the only time I go to Kohl's is for bath towels. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to check their site, just like Target doesn't have everything they offer in the stores, there may be so nice things online.

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