Path to Design ~ 5.24.11

This post could also have been titled "Just Do It!" My goal with this post is to inspire anyone with a dream to go out there and work on making it happen.

You see, I have had a couple of stressful weeks at work, but instead of feeling miserable as I would have in my last job, I still feel content and fulfilled. This is because, after knowing for years and years what I truly wanted to do when I "grow up," I am finally acting on it, and it feels great. It hasn't been an easy journey getting here, but now I feel like all of the effort I've put in has been so worth it.

After spending seven years trying out different jobs I thought I'd enjoy, such as event planning, marketing, and public relations, I still felt unfulfilled and discouraged. While I performed fine at these jobs, deep down I didn't feel I was bringing in my all, that my heart wasn't in it. I was constantly down, and dreaded each and every work week. Something was missing - I couldn't live like this.

Throughout these years, I kept having thoughts of becoming an interior designer, but having already gone to school, then back again to study Public Relations (and thinking that was my path), switching careers yet again seemed ridiculous. I kept thinking, am I crazy to want to change careers yet again? Am I just flaky? Plus, would I actually enjoy interior design? And more so, would I even be good at it?

Visions of when I was 8 years old kept coming back to me - I'd spend so much time drafting floorplans for my and my friends' "dream homes" and loved it. One day I came across all of my drawings and showed them to my mom. She was so impressed that I realized I do have this in me. From that day forward to was dedicated to learn all I could about interior design, starting with books, a night class, then finally more formal education (more posts about my journey here.)

My job as a designer is tough (I work in a retail environment, so I have to worry about making comission, working weekends, and dealing with the occasional tough client), but whenever I get involved in a design project I feel on top of the world. This past weekend I presented a project I was very excited about, and thankfully so was my client! It was such a great feeling. In this job I've learned that for me, designing a room comes so easily, so naturally, unlike any other job I've had before. It finally feels right, as if this is what I was supposed to be doing all along.

Making this dream come true certainly took effort, one step at a time. But, what it really took was listening to myself, that voice deep down inside that knows what you truly want, what will truly make you happy. So sad that too often we let our doubts and fears take over that voice. 

So that is my message to the world. I hope to encourage YOU to do something today, whether is picking up a book on your subject of interest, signing up for a class, speaking to someone in your industry, or taking a chance and applying for a job you don't think you'd ever get (you never know - trust me!) It may be a long journey, but one certainly worth taking. We all deserve to be happy!

Please share in your comments if you have a dream you hope to work towards - we can all help and motivate each other!

P.S.: I'm sorry for the lack of posts the last couple of weeks. I just needed some time away from the computer. But I feel inspired again, so thanks for checking in!


Anonymous said...

Great post Flavia! The part about drawing up your dream houses remind me of myself when I was little. I also made very elaborate Barbie houses out of books and furniture (since my parents refused to buy me the Barbie deam house). When I quit my job last Spring to go back to graduate school full time a lot of people throught I had lost my marbles.. but after finishing a year I know that this was the right decision for me and I have no regrets. I hope that things continue to go well as you continue down your path of becoming an interior designer!

Arianna Belle said...

Happy to see a post from you this morning and a great one at that! So glad to hear you're loving your job.

Big hug!


Flavia @ Estilo Home said...

Lauren and Arianna - so glad you enjoyed the post! It makes me happy to see you both pursuing your dreams as well. Good luck as you continue down that path!

Anonymous said...

Hi Flavia! I'm finally commenting. I found your blog a few months ago when I was searching for info on Decro8's Blogging e-course. It took me a little while to realize, ....hey, I know her! We worked together when you first started your last job. It makes me so happy to learn that you've found something more fulfilling (and less emotionally draining...I totally hear you on that one...).

My favorite part of your post was your line, "But what it really took was listening to myself..." I really admire you for being able to do that. It's something I still struggle with.

Hope your week is a little less stressful at work!

Flavia @ Estilo Home said...

Hi Christine! Wow, I can't believe you found me, how cool! The internet is one crazy place. Thanks for your comment.
I saw on your blog that you are thinking about starting a craft business - definitely keep at it! You'll do great!

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