Modern Organic Interiors

It never fails: every year as the weather gets warmer, I become more and more drawn to spaces that have an organic, rustic feel, with something in the space that brings the outdoors in. The style I am drawn to I like to call "modern organic," as I love to mix clean lines with natural elements, like raw woods, seagrass rugs, and wicker. Think of a farmhouse table with some white panton chairs paired with it. 

Here are some images I have been inspired by lately:



Next week I'll create a moodboard to show you how I'd design a modern organic room. What do you think of this style?  

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!!


Karen said...

Such beautiful images, they do all have that outdoor feeling to them. Like you I'm drawn to organic touches, bu for me it usually happens more in the fall. I love to bring in bowls of fruit, gourds, pumpkins, and flowers in autumn colors.

Unknown said...

It's definitely that beachy, indoor/outdoor feeling of the summer. Sigh...

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