Welcome 2011!!

Hi everyone! I hope you are off to a good start to the new year! I felt ready for the new year to start, as I love that feeling of a fresh beginning. I love to reflect on the past year to think about the good and bad that has happened, and to set some goals for myself for the upcoming year.

(my new inspiration board above my desk)

I started out 2010 with a list of resolutions (see it here), but for the first time in the last few years I didn't manage to accomplish all of it. However, this was still a big year for me. I turned 30, got my design certificate, then my new design job!

This year, my goal revolves around having a more balanced life. Last year I was so focused on my career last year, first by going to school, then by trying to start my business and build my portfolio. This year, however, I want to pay more attention to family, friends, my health and maybe pick up a new hobby or two that do not involve design (I'm thinking baking!)

I'm feeling hopeful about the new year! Do you like to make resolutions?

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