New Coffee Table

So I have picked out my new coffee table based on your suggestions (thank you!) and I finally made the purchase! It arrived a couple of days ago, and I'm really happy with it. Want to see which one I went with?

The #5! I am really happy with it. The glass top really opened up the space and feels modern and fresh. I got a great deal on it too, so it was a good decision!

I also finally started painting the living room! It's taking quite a while because I am doing one wall per weekend. Between moving all the furniture, adding primer, then three coats of paint takes quite a while. Three coats of paint is a lot, but I was not happy with the color at two coats (I think my old blue paint was still showing through), but the third one thankfully did the trick. The picture above shows some of the wall, and the one below shows a part of the old blue next to the new color (to the left):

Please excuse my dog Mac's head :)

I'd been planning to buy a new rug to help define the area. I even won a gift certificate to CSNrugs.com towards the purchase (thanks Jeannine!) But I just used our flokati rug from another room and now I kind of like it here! So I am not sure if I'll keep it or buy something else for this space. Either way, these changes I've made so far are helping this place feel more home-y than it's ever felt!

So that was my productive weekend. What were you up to?


Karen said...

Isn't it amazing how different a glass top table can make a room feel? I love the one you chose.

Good idea to paint a single wall a week. Painting is one of my least favorite things to do-especially when it takes three coats + primer per wall!

Leah said...



Arianna Belle said...

hehe Mac is so cute!
It's looking fantastic! Can't wait to see it when all the painting is done!

Hope you're having a great week :-)



coffee tables said...

Nice glass coffee table photos I wish I could have one on my living room...

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