Seeking the Perfect Coffee Table

Now that I have my new couch and Eames rocker, it's time to start looking for a new coffee table. The one I have is a little boxy and out of scale with my small living room to begin with, but with the shape of the new sofa (the sectional curves instead of shaping a perfect "L") the existing table's rectangular proportion simply looks out of place. And I am ok with that because I got more than my money's worth of that purchase and have been dying to replace it for a while. Not to mention it's got puppy teeth marks on the corners...

Given my undecisiveness, this won't be so easy. So, I would love your help! Please let me know your favorite of the below options in the comments. A little background:

- I am maily focused on round tables, but square could potentially work.
- I've got a budget. I could spend up to $300 but am much more comfortable staying under $200
- I am thinking of going with either this rug or this one underneath (although this won't happen for a while.)
- All of the below options have been "pre-approved" by my husband :)

1. Overstock (sadly currently out of stock), 2. JCPenney 

3. Overstock, 4. CSN Stores (you've got to look past the horrible sofa in the background!)

I feel like everywhere else I've looked, the tables were either too pricey or the style wasn't quite right, but I am open to any other suggestions you may have! I look forward to your comments!


Katie (Re:fresh Design Studio) said...

I like # 2 and # 3! Good luck picking one!

Leah said...

I like #2!!!! Great choices here!!!


Karen said...

I love #5 and either of those rugs would be fantastic.

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