Path to Design ~ Intro

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been finding my motivation again to build my interior decorating business. This is a dream I've had since the summer of 2006, as I remember so clearly. To say I'm taking things slowly is a major understatement!

Well, in the fall of 2006 I took an evening class at my local college, which confirmed that this is the path for me. Since then, between getting married and buying a condo, I started design school and eventually obtained a certificate in Interior Decorating this past March. Finally, in July, I submitted my business license and other local and national paperwork. I also wrote the start of my business plan, identifying the type of services I would offer and who my clientele would be.

Then I stopped. Summer plans and a demanding work schedule, not to mention family, got in the way. Or rather, I let them get in the way. I finally had a wake-up call a week or two ago when reading a post on Makeunder My Life, where Jess praised those who work full-time while fulfilling their dreams on the side. The next day, I read a post on HHFITD about Maggie Rose, who has a schedule just a tough as mine, if not worse, and is building her design business regardless. I realized it is time to stop making excuses, and just do this already

So that is the point of this new series, to take you along my path to start a business. I hope my insights will be helpful as I figure out what I am doing, and hopefully in turn you will keep me motivated!

In addition to the blogs I mentioned above, here are a few other places I go to for business inspiration:

If anyone reading this is starting or thinking about starting a business, chime in and tell us about your efforts! (oh, and congratulations!)


Karen said...

Best of luck. What an exciting time this must be for you.

Jess LC said...

Thanks so much for mentioning MML! I'm so happy that post inspired you to start your own journey and take it to the next level! I wish you much success!

Arianna Belle said...

Way to go Flavia! I'm cheering you on girl! :-)

Katie (Re:fresh Design Studio) said...

You can do it!! Looking forward to following your progress.

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

How exciting! I wish you all the best and can't wait to hear all about it.

house for sale Philippines said...

Lovely design. How cute the dog in front of the computer.

Paula M

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