Client Design Board ~ a California Apartment

I recently completed a design board for a client (ok, a good friend) that just moved to California and wanted to start her life as a newlywed with a stylish apartment! She already purchased all of the furniture, but seeked my help to make the place feel beautiful and cozy.

Because this is a rental that she plans to be in for only a year, we could not do anything permanent. The decorating had to come from accessories. For her master bedroom, she was inspired by a couple of images I had posted on my blog:

Estilo Home

Therefore, our goal was to add a beach-y glam vibe to her existing furniture set (similar to below). Here is what I came up with:

I started with these curtains from Pottery Barn, which I thought were the perfect way to bring in color to the room. For the bed, I suggest accenting her neutral cream/gold comforter (which she already owns) with sheets in a gold/latte color. To complete the look, I thought a pillow like this one or another with some coral in it would help bring in a little more color and pattern. Finally, I’d use a throw in orange or coral at the foot of the bed.

Above the bed, a round gold mirror such as this one would add that hint of glam. Same with the gold lamps for each side table. The version here is a bit pricey, but she could find a pair of gold lamps at many stores, or spray paint some gold (look for a lamp with a rounder, not skinny, base.) I thought it could be fun to line the shades with fabric (like this fabric) to add more color and pattern. If she wants to take the look a step further, she could consider adding long rectangular gold mirrors behind each lamp as well, like the first inspiration picture. But, to keep it on budget, I didn’t add that to the board.

The accessories help to complete the look. That gold shell is a perfect mix of beachy and glam and she could add a couple of gold-framed pictures near her dresser (not shown.)

I am happy to report that she loved the board! Hopefully after she completes the transformation I'll be able to show you a before and after. What do you think?


Arianna Belle said...

I love the pieces you picked out especially that gold lamp with the patterned shade. I really like the idea of lining shades with fabric -makes it custom and unique. I also love the idea of putting mirrors behind the lamps. Definitely adds glam!


I absolutely love it! The colors and the pieces are all amazing. I think I need you to help me with my redo :)

Leah said...

Oh yes my favorites are the gold accents they totally go with the warmth of the wood!


makati condominiums said...

What a lovely bedroom. I like the design a lot. The colors so perfect.

Angelo H

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