Potential Color Scheme for Living Room

Good morning! I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I managed to work my way into feeling more confident about my future (thanks in part to your sweet comments in this post), started to map out my plans, and spent lots of time finishing up a design board for class, which I will share with you later this week.

I recently mentioned that I'm considering a new color scheme for my living/dining room. My husband and I have been at our condo for nearly two years now, and will probably be there for another two, so I thought it would be a good time for a change. Only issue is coming up with something that can 1) work with some of my existing pieces, and 2) my husband will approve of (the toughest part!)

For my design board for class, I ordered a few fabric samples online. Turns out that 4 out of the 6 fabrics I ordered did not work for my project, but managed to perfectly coordinate with each other. Online they appeared gray, but turn out to be a lovely seafoam green-ish shade. For my school project, I'm using gray and yellow, and suddenly, when these colors were all next to each other, I realized I had a great color scheme in front of me:

Even more coincidentally, the shades pefectly match a vase I've owned, which I actually bought right before moving into the condo in hopes to go with a similar color scheme (see my inspiration board here). We ended up going with blue, but now I may go back to that original plan.

The walls will probably be a neutral gray, so that I can more easily change the accent color should I get bored (which, knowing me, will happen.) Oh, and the hubby actually likes it! What do you think?


Kirsten Krason said...

I love it! The color scheme is beautiful.

Katie (Re:fresh Design Studio) said...

I really like it! Love the pops of yellow in it!

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

Love this! Elegant and soothing at the same time.

Dayka Robinson said...

beautiful color scheme.

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