Decorating with Hints of Pink

Hello! Hope you had a good weekend. Mine was busy with a combination of time spent with friends and school work. I have only two weeks left of school, until I get my decorating certificate! But things may be a bit quiet around here as I focus on wrapping up my project. I will share everything with you when class ends.

I do have another potential project in the works...I'm slowly convincing my husband to repaint the living room to create a whole new design scheme. We have blue walls right now and I'm pretty tired of them. As I need to find images that will sway my husband in the right direction, I've been browsing through all of my inspiration folders. Unfortunately all the images that grab my eye the most seem to have a hint of pink in them...they are not exactly going to convince him!


Sigh...I'll just keep on dreaming, and work on finding a scheme that can actually work!

Sources: Sarah Richardson, domino, domino, Kristen Hutchins, Nuevo Estilo, domino


sarah said...

here in the uk i am seeing alot of nude pink with chocolate and warm grey tones, i am incorporating these into my new fabric colours for 2010, its not too girly either!!

Dayka Robinson said...

love these images.

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