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Hello! I am getting a late start to the week here - my weekend ended up being so hectic and I feel like I'm slowly making progress on everything I need to get done. One of which was completing another concept board for my class.

As I mentioned before, this class is all about designing a room for a fictional newlywed couple. We could design as we wish with the floorplan he gave us. I decided to try to expand on a mood board I created last year. I thought the cheery yellow and grey color scheme would be great for their living/dining room, as it is a space with windows spanning an entire wall.

The room was inspired by the same Elizabeth Schuppe image that drove the original mood board:

To be honest, the execution didn't go quite as I envisioned in my head due to a lack of selection of fabrics at my two local stores. I just couldn't find quite what I was looking for, and when I would print fabric swatches off the internet, it just didn't look as presentable. So this is the end result, for now:

Next, we are using this concept to develop a full presentation board, which includes all of the items to be used in the room, including accessories. I'm hoping to change a few things from this board as well, so hopefully the end result will turn out well.  

I would love to hear it if you have any advice on where to get free fabric samples! I suppose that is one limitation from not going to a design school with a resource center.


Katie (Refresh Design Studio) said...

I went to a school that did have a fabric library but even so, fun fabrics were sooo hard to find because we had mostly really outdated fabrics that showrooms were getting rid of.

If your area has a design center, try going there because they give free memo samples to students! Also http://www.maharam.com/ has free samples of commercial grade fabric that you can order online.

Good luck!

Flavia @ Estilo Home said...

Katie, thanks so much for the information! I for some reason thought the design center would charge for samples, so I hadn't even considered them. Looks like that site has some good choices, too. I appreciate your help!

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