School Starts Up Again

Hello, how was your weekend? Mine was rather quiet. It snowed all day yesterday, which gave us an opportunity to slow down a bit. Unfortunately we also had plans to celebrate my husband's birthday last night. We managed to still make it out, but many people canceled. We still had a great time and got there and back safely. The rest of my weekend looked like this:

Yep, school has started again. I'm excited, because once this quarter is over, I'll have my Interior Decorating Certificate in my hands! The course should be a lot of fun, too. Each week, we'll move closer and closer to completing a decorating project for a fictional couple. The couple just got married and is decorating their new condo (hmm, that sounds familiar!) The only thing the teacher gave us was this description and the floorplan. Everything else is up to us to dictate, including the style, colors, etc. He actually wants us to use the opportunity to develop our own aesthetic, so it really can be anything we want. I'm excited!

This week, we are drawing the floorplan to scale and writing up the design brief. In the upcoming weeks, we'll come up with the concept board, presentation board, etc. I'll look forward to sharing everything with you here!

What were you up to this weekend?

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