I have dreamed of being an interior designer since I was a little girl, but only now have had enough courage to go for it. I thought it would be fun to chronicle my experience of going back to school for interior design while maintaining a full-time job, being a newlywed, and decorating our tiny new condo.

I became completely obsessed with design blogs since coming across them over two years ago, and finally thought it was time to carve out a little corner of the blogosphere. So here it goes!

A small sampling of my (very) varied estilo, which means 'style' in Portuguese...

Image credits: Domino magazine, The Style Files, Coco+Kelley, Pia Jane Bijkerk

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Arianna Belle said...

Sounds like we're on a similar route! I'm also a fairly newlywed (does one and a half years count?), designing my tiny condo, and pursuing a career in design.

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