From Condo to Home - the Bedroom

The condo where my husband b and I live is actually not that new...we've been there for a year now. We were in the middle of wedding planning when we moved in, and after the wedding I started school. So, decorating the place, which was something I was dying to do, ended up having to wait.

Now I am finally ready to make our place truly feel like home, and we're starting with the bedroom. I'm almost embarrassed to show this to you, but this is how we've lived for the past year:

We bought a new bed right when we moved in but everything else was mixed and matched from what we already had. No pictures were put up because we knew this was all temporary. I couldn't take it anymore!

So here's my vision of our bedroom:

I want it to be a soothing and relaxing place to go to at the end of the day. Our entire apartment is unfortunately very dark, so I opted for a "happy" sea foam green on a white and cream base. I've been loving the combination of peach, coral and green lately, and it seemed to work pretty well. What do you think?

We actually have recently purchased new dressers and side tables, so now it's time to start putting in some of the finishing touches. My list includes:

- put up pictures
- buy or sew curtains
- sew pillows
- buy desk chair
- buy and hang wall shelving
- buy new floor lamp
- paint armoire/computer desk

Phew. I hope to do some work on it this weekend (in between my final project for class!) and will share any progress I've made. Happy weekend!

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