DC Design House - Samantha Friedman / J. Hodges & Associates

Happy Friday! I wanted to continue to highlight designers of this year's DC Design House. Today I am showing you the Secret Garden room, a bedroom and dressing area/bathroom that I think you'll really enjoy!

Samantha Friedman designed the kid-friendly bedroom using cheerful colors and fabrics:

I just love the dresser (above)! The window seat, however, is unlike anything I've ever seen:

What a creative, adorable idea! Any kid would be so happy to have a swing in their room!

The room has a bathroom and dressing area, designed by J. Hodges & Associates, that ended up being one of my favorite features of the entire house:

You all know I love purple! I would dream to have a place like this when I was younger (ok, I'd love to have a space like this today...just a touch more grown up!)

The bathroom is so incredibly cute. I absolutely loved it. Just look at the zebra mirror, trellis rug, and that geometric shower curtain:

What do you think? Make sure to check out more of Samantha Friedman's work here, and J. Hodges & Associates' portfolio here.

Have a great weekend everyone!

All photos, except last 3, my own. Last three, Lydia Cutter

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