DC Design House - Barbara Franceski

Next on our 2011 DC Design House tour is the Family Room, designed by Barbara Franceski. I loved what she did with her room in last year's design house (see my post about it here), so I was really looking forward to seeing her room.

It did not disappoint! I absolutely loved the color scheme and overall sophisticated vibe. I was especially enamored with the colorful silhouette artwork (from local artist Dave Peterson) that at first would seem out of place, but in fact makes the room. So fun!

The mix of chairs in the office/seating area adds a lot of interest to the space. She paid a lot of attention to detail with her accessories as well - they really elevate the room.

Originally, this room walls were entirely wood paneling. A coat of white paint transformed the room, though Barbara made a great decision to keep the crown molding as well as the area behind the bar (below) in its original wood tone. 

I will try to post more photos if I can, as the ones I took don't do the room justice! To see more of Barbara's work, check out her website, here.
P.S.: Have you checked out the new Trad Home magazine? There is so much inspiration in there! Read it here.

All photos, my own.

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