Visual Styling

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been working a new job these past few months. Basically I needed a job that allowed me to go back to school. Although I missed the interior design aspects of my last job (which is obviously something I will get back to when I get my degree), my current job is pretty fun - I am a visual stylist! I rather not say exactly where, but I think you will be able to guess based on the photos I am about to show you :)

Visual styling/merchandising has really helped me fine tune my design skills, particularly when it comes to styling decorative objects. I can honestly say I was not very good with accessories before, but now I love it! Accessorizing has always excited me, but when I would put together, say, a collection of vases, it never came out quite right. Through this job, I have learned some great tips and tricks that allow me to create visually interesting vignettes.

Here is one I put together recently. Typically at work we are asked to follow a picture to style the store, with a little room here and there to experiment. This was one of the few instances where I had a chance to "wing it," which was so fun!

 (unfortunately the pictures/colors didn't come out great, but you get the idea...)

One side of the display was blues, aquas and grays, while the other was purples and browns.


So now I am hoping to share with you what I have learned so far! I will be starting a new series that is all about styling, explaining to you what works and what doesn't. Hope you enjoy!


A Fresh New Year

Hi everyone!

Wow, it has been far too long! I cannot believe that a little blogging break became a nearly full year hiatus. Well, with the new year here I finally felt ready to get back here and share my life with you all.

One of my projects

Among the reasons for my break was the fact that I returned to school yet again. Although I received my Interior Design Certificate about two years ago, and received a great job at Ethan Allen afterwards, I craved more. My main goal by going back to school was to learn AutoCAD, which is so widely used in the industry. I can now proudly say I have learned it, but kept going in order to earn an Associate Degree by the end of this year. I have also switched jobs for something with a little more flexibility for my studies. I will share more of that with you in the coming weeks.

I look forward to connecting with you all again! Hope you had a wonderful holiday season, and happy 2013!!


Home Projects in Progress ~ the Kitchen

Hi everyone! I have finally been tackling some projects around the house and thought I'd share some progress with you guys. You may remember my post on "loving where you live now," where I outlined some steps to make your current home feel as wonderful as it possibly can. I am following my own advice and tackling several small and large projects around the condo.

The first project is our kitchen. I mentioned on that post that we'd be adding a backsplash, paint, and hardware to take our "builder basic" kitchen up a notch. This was the scheme I was working with (though I've already changed things a bit):

I'm happy to say the backsplash is up and it looks great! I'm also in the process of painting, but the original paint I chose did not turn out at all how I wanted :(

(the light is distorted too, my cabinets are not that orange!)

Ugh! It just looked too bright and out of place. So I went back to the drawing board and picked another (more neutral) paint color that I'm happy with! I'm just putting the finishing touches in the room now. Stay tuned for the before and after soon!


A Long Time Ago...

More like two and a half years ago, I started this blog as a way to share my passion of interior design with the world. It became a place to connect with others who share my obsession, and a true outlet for my creative juices that had been flowing with nowhere to go. During this time, I took many classes on the subject and ended up with a certificate in interior design, which helped me feel like my life was going in the direction it was always meant to go. I was so happy to share this journey with you all.

While I had hoped to start my own design business, I ended up accepting a job as a designer with a national furniture store. Aside from some stress and tough hours, I have been loving the experience. One unfortunate outcome, however, has been the lack of inspiration to keep up with this blog. I am already exercising my design muscles all day, making me feel like when I get home, I am ready to focus on something else. Don't get me wrong, I still love reading blogs and design books and magazines, but just feel less motivated to post my own ideas. It doesn't help that I am not allowed to share my projects at work (I so wish I could!) and the fact that I took a big pay cut to follow my dreams - which means my home projects have nearly come to a halt.

I realize this post is sounding as though I am giving up on the blog. Truth is, the thought of that makes me sad, and I am not ready to let it go. What it does mean, however, is that maybe it is time to expand my topics to other subjects I have been interested in lately, such as cooking and fashion. I will still post mostly on design, but just not feel limited to it, which I hope will motivate me again. How does that sound? Posting will probably continue to be a bit sporadic until I really figure out the direction I want to go in, but I hope you will enjoy following me in this progression in my life.

I so appreciate all of you who have been reading and commenting for the last couple of years. You always brighten my day. Happy 2012 everyone!!



Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I hope you have a wondeful day with loved ones and lots of delicious food!

It was almost exactly a year ago that I accepted my current interior design job, and the experience I have gained there so far is one of the things I am most thankful for this year.

I also wanted to take this moment to say thank you to all my dear readers, who have continued to read my blog despite my decrease in appearance here over the last year... I really appreciate it! I have been thinking about some new ideas to freshen up the blog, so I hope you will stay tuned.

Have a great day!!


From the Inspiration Folder

Hope you all had a great weekend! I was working as usual, but still managed to squeeze in some fun and relaxation. The perfect fall weather really helped to make the weekend especially nice.

Anyway, I recently came across this image on Decor8, and something about it spoke to me. I love the warm gray tone of the walls accented by some fun patterns on the chair and pillows. The branch chandelier also helps to warm up the space and really makes a statement. As always, I love a small space. It feels so cozy and inviting.

What do you think about this room? Have a great week!


Inspired by Alice Lane

Every time I see an image of an interior designed by Alice Lane, I fall in love. Their style is exactly what I love...sophisticated palettes, interesting contemporary pieces, loads of texture, and just the right amount of modern patterns.

Recently on their blog, they posted pictures of the owner Jessica's home. It is absolutely stunning!! I am so into these smoky "mushroom-y" tones lately, and wish I could magically move every single piece into my home this very minute.

What do you think? Here are a few other inspiring images from their portfolio:

Do you have a favorite from the above? I'd love to hear what you think. Have a great week!

All images from Alice Lane Home Blog


Guest Post ~ Chic Color Duos

I thought it would be fun to mix things up around here and start doing a few guest posts! Inspired by my color series, Susi from Design Shuffle is here today to show you some unique color combinations. I love the pictures she selected, and I hope they inspire you too!


Susi here, from Design Shuffle, the social media site that promotes interior designers and their work from around the world. One of the things I find inspiring is visiting great design blogs like Estilo Home. When I was asked to guest blog here about the chicest color duos I turned to fashion for inspiration.  Interior design is closely tied with fashion trends. What we see on the runway, we'll probably see in our homes.  Hope you feel inspired by these chic color duos. Enjoy!

Red and Blue Living Room Design

Red is a fantastic color for interiors.  I love it paired with robin's egg blue or aqua for a chic color duo. A very classic color combination.

Aqua and Purple Dining Room Design

Love the aqua and smoky purple paired together in this dining room.  Moody and atmospheric, these two colors make a very chic color duo.

Blue and Yellow Design

Robin's egg blue and mustardy yellow are another chic color duo. Both colors have a lot of gray in them so they work together as complementary colors without having too much contrast.

Teal and Yellow Carpet Design

Teals and yellow are another great color combination that is oh so chic in interiors.  These carpet squares so the range of teals and yellows that work together.

Yellow and Gray Bedroom Design

As illustrated by this stylish bedroom design, yellow and gray is a gorgeous color combination. This chic color duo is a balance between calm and energetic, bright and subdued.

White and Tan Home Decor

Creamy white and camel or tan is a chic color combination for fall fashion that translates into a chic color duo for home d√ącor.  Natural woods paired with pearl whites and creams make a lovely tonal palette.

Navy and Gold Design

Navy and gold are a classic chic duo in fashion and interior designs. Love this nearly black navy paired with the gold tones of brass accents. So chic!

Brown and White Accent Design

Brown and warm metallics, like brass or bronze, is another fashion inspired color duo. It looks chic in home decor with brown furniture and brass or bronze accents, or lighting.

You can find even more great color duos on Design Shuffle, an interior design social media site where talented designers including Los Angeles interior designers and New York interior designers showcase their work and inspire others.

Image Sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8


Mood Board - Rustic Reading Nook

Here's to another week! I've had a busy couple of weeks so I am hoping this one will actually allow me to catch up on some things around here. How about you, how was your weekend?

After a random heat wave, the weather is finally starting to feel like fall again. It inspired me to create a comfortable reading area where you can curl up with a good book. As I worked on this mood board, it started to take on a pretty rustic look, which is not usually a style I gravitate towards, but I ended up really liking it!

I debated over adding a more modern artwork, seen below, which could work just as well but break up some of the masculine feel of this space. Which way do you like best?

Have a great week! Stay tuned later this week for my first-ever guest post!

Mood board sources:
chair: West Elm
lamp: Lightopia
cowhide rug: image here
shelf: Enhancing Your Habitat
side table: Wisteria
pouf: Amazon
artwork: Lindadonohue on Etsy


Cozy Interiors

Fall is here! While I am a warm weather girl all the way, there is something about the feeling of Fall that I just love. After a busy summer, it's so nice to have those cool days where you feel like you want nothing more than to curl up under blankets and read a good book...or stay home and cook a wonderful meal...or put on your boots and cozy sweater to go for a walk...

Now is the time to cozy up your home with lots of candles, blankets and soft materials. Here is some inspiration for you:





What do you most look forward to this season?
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