Living Room Paint & Moodboard

I hope you had a great holiday weekend! Mine was just amazing, in part thanks to the beautiful weather we had in DC. I can't believe Fall is right around the corner...

As I mentioned, I went shopping for paint yet again this weekend. I am now on my 7th paint sample! I know, crazy. This paint situation has been nothing short of a nightmare. Every paint I pick looks so extremely different (darker and "muddier") on my wall than it does on the swatch or even on a painted piece of paper with the exact same paint.

I recently said I was going for cream on the walls. Well, once my (beige) sofa came in, I realized cream would be too similar. A friend of mine suggested going with gray, and at this point I figured I had nothing to lose. I picked up a couple of samples, tested on a couple of walls, and basically my condo is starting to look like a Mondrian painting:

BM Light Pewter top left, BM Edgecomb Gray top right, BM Nimbus bottom

The good news is that I think I made my decision! The top one on the left! The photo is awful, but it doesn't matter because the paint (Benjamin Moore Light Pewter) looks nothing like it does anywhere else anyway...but it works in my condo and that's all that matters! It's a little light, but it should look nice. I think the actual painting process will be a piece of cake next to the color selection issue!

So now it's off to the fun stuff - accessories! I put together a moodboard to see how everything will come together. I am still debating over coffee tables #2 and #5 (THANK YOU all for your suggestions), and the pillows and artwork are just placeholders, but here's what I am thinking:

I can't wait until it is all finished!!

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Leah said...

I love the color you chose! I am so excited for it to be finished too! So excited for you doll!!


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