Home Projects in Progress ~ the Kitchen

Hi everyone! I have finally been tackling some projects around the house and thought I'd share some progress with you guys. You may remember my post on "loving where you live now," where I outlined some steps to make your current home feel as wonderful as it possibly can. I am following my own advice and tackling several small and large projects around the condo.

The first project is our kitchen. I mentioned on that post that we'd be adding a backsplash, paint, and hardware to take our "builder basic" kitchen up a notch. This was the scheme I was working with (though I've already changed things a bit):

I'm happy to say the backsplash is up and it looks great! I'm also in the process of painting, but the original paint I chose did not turn out at all how I wanted :(

(the light is distorted too, my cabinets are not that orange!)

Ugh! It just looked too bright and out of place. So I went back to the drawing board and picked another (more neutral) paint color that I'm happy with! I'm just putting the finishing touches in the room now. Stay tuned for the before and after soon!

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Amy @ Five Kinds of Happy said...

Yay can't wait to see the finished product!! :)

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