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I thought it would be fun to mix things up around here and start doing a few guest posts! Inspired by my color series, Susi from Design Shuffle is here today to show you some unique color combinations. I love the pictures she selected, and I hope they inspire you too!


Susi here, from Design Shuffle, the social media site that promotes interior designers and their work from around the world. One of the things I find inspiring is visiting great design blogs like Estilo Home. When I was asked to guest blog here about the chicest color duos I turned to fashion for inspiration.  Interior design is closely tied with fashion trends. What we see on the runway, we'll probably see in our homes.  Hope you feel inspired by these chic color duos. Enjoy!

Red and Blue Living Room Design

Red is a fantastic color for interiors.  I love it paired with robin's egg blue or aqua for a chic color duo. A very classic color combination.

Aqua and Purple Dining Room Design

Love the aqua and smoky purple paired together in this dining room.  Moody and atmospheric, these two colors make a very chic color duo.

Blue and Yellow Design

Robin's egg blue and mustardy yellow are another chic color duo. Both colors have a lot of gray in them so they work together as complementary colors without having too much contrast.

Teal and Yellow Carpet Design

Teals and yellow are another great color combination that is oh so chic in interiors.  These carpet squares so the range of teals and yellows that work together.

Yellow and Gray Bedroom Design

As illustrated by this stylish bedroom design, yellow and gray is a gorgeous color combination. This chic color duo is a balance between calm and energetic, bright and subdued.

White and Tan Home Decor

Creamy white and camel or tan is a chic color combination for fall fashion that translates into a chic color duo for home d√ącor.  Natural woods paired with pearl whites and creams make a lovely tonal palette.

Navy and Gold Design

Navy and gold are a classic chic duo in fashion and interior designs. Love this nearly black navy paired with the gold tones of brass accents. So chic!

Brown and White Accent Design

Brown and warm metallics, like brass or bronze, is another fashion inspired color duo. It looks chic in home decor with brown furniture and brass or bronze accents, or lighting.

You can find even more great color duos on Design Shuffle, an interior design social media site where talented designers including Los Angeles interior designers and New York interior designers showcase their work and inspire others.

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