Birthday Presents - for the Home!

Hi guys, I'm still alive! I can't believe it has been two weeks since I blogged! I swear time during the summer goes by even faster than the rest of the year...

It was actually my birthday today ;) The best part, of course, has been seeing friends and family over the weekend to celebrate. However, I can't lie and say that getting presents isn't a nice bonus when it comes to birthdays. All I wanted this year was stuff to help finish decorating the condo. Wish granted!

I'm getting a little closer to my vision becoming a reality in my living room. Well, my vision has changed a few times, but is still a variation of this (what has mostly changed is the overall color scheme, especially the rug):

One of the most important elements was the lamp, which I've been wanting for so long. I finally got it! I took a pretty bad picture of it, but here it is in the room (please ignore the old, out of scale artwork!):

By, the way, this is the room finally all painted in gray. I love the color in person! It's such a soothing color and has made a drastic difference in the space. The fabric swatch on the left will hopefully become pillows soon. I am still playing around with the final color scheme, but that Dwell fabric is definitely staying.Then finally I'll start my search for some nice artwork.

You might also remember I've been trying to find some curtains. I sadly ended up returning the ones I originally got because they were just too dark. I purchased these curtains from West Elm, and love how they look in the room! I need to take a better picture in daylight, but here it is:

Slowly but surely things are coming together... gotta love birthday presents!

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