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Hi everyone! So my week-long vacation ended up turning into a three-week break from the blog. I'm sorry it has been so quiet here! My trip to Brazil to see my family was wonderful, but the same day I arrived back home, I had to turn around and head to Connecticut for a work trip! Things got pretty busy, and I simply have been feeling fried. So much for having a break...

Anyway, I am happy to be back to sharing inspiration with you. Among the many great things about traveling includes being exposed to different ways of life... which includes seeing how others decorate! So naturally, I picked up a few design magazines while I was there.  One of my favorites is called Casa Claudia, so I went through their website to share some beautiful rooms with you all.

Brazilians typically live in small apartments (particularly in the city of Sao Paulo), yet I noticed, based on some of the apartments I visited, that they live without much clutter. Their rooms often look clean and streamlined, with just a few select accent pieces. As soon as I got home, I felt inspired to once again look through my belongings and reduce visual clutter.

Brazilians tend to also decorate with lighter woods and colors, with white walls being a popular selection. It makes the spaces feel so light and fresh!

I hope you like what you see, because I will share a few more with you later this week!

All images credit of Casa Claudia.

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Karen said...

Loving what I see! Hope you had a great break.

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