Inspired by Sabrina Linn

I recently was reminded of the interior design firm Sabrina Linn, and off I went to check out their portfolio. I love so much of what I saw!

She is not afraid of using colors and patterns, which help create rooms that really come alive. Her vibrant style has led her to become a behind-the-scenes prop stylist and set decorator at the beginning of her career, and eventually to become a head designer on several top design shows. She then went into art directing for editorial and commercial photo shoots, including becoming the style editor for Canadian House and Home Magazine (hello, dream job!)

I love the fresh feeling in both the kitchen and laundry room below:

I love the glam vibe of this dining room below, and especially the chandelier!

The wallpaper in this bathroom is stunning, and how about that closet!

By the way, she also has a gorgeous selection of pillows! Check it out here.

What do you think of her work? Do you have a favorite from her portfolio?

All images from her website, http://design.sabrinalinn.com/


Achados de Decoracao said...

Flavia, o trabalho dela é mesmo lindo! a primeira foto que você postou me enlouqueceu! amei bjs

Anonymous said...

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Greice Kölln Vipych said...

Estou seguindo..adorei o blog!
passa lá conhecer o meu..tem sorteio!


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