Shopping at Upscale Resale

This past weekend I finally checked out a furniture consignment store near my home. I can't believe this store is only about 10 minutes away and I only now discovered this treasure! Upscale Resale carries such an amazing collection of antique and other used furniture, as well as accessories including beautiful large-scale oil paintings.

Many of the pieces were well above my reach, particularly the antique pieces. But, once I discovered their back rooms with the more affordable pieces, then I got really excited. In particular, I freaked out when I saw these:

I have been wanting a dresser (though this is actually a buffet) like this ever since seeing the Sarah's House episode where she paints a similar piece white:

Sadly, I don't have a place where I could use these right now or even a garage or somewhere that would make it easy for me to paint them... oh the life of a condo dweller!

A few other pieces that caught my eye included:

this little spindle-leg table

another bamboo-type piece that I would attack with white paint!

a chair with great lines

these chairs look a little scary right now, but I can see them looking pretty cool with the frame painted and upholstered in a fun fabric (funny that I did not notice the cute turquoise chairs behind these until now!)

and finally this elephant side table would add a lot of character to a room

Now I will make a point to visit Upscale Resale more regularly - even though it left me wishing I could move to a bigger house and start redecorating! Still, it's fun to look, isn't it? Do you have a store like this near your home?

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