Cozy Neutral Schemes

Today the weather in DC is starting to feel like winter. This time of year always makes me crave a cocoon-like home to resort to after a long day. Neutral schemes to me equal cozy, warm and inviting, would you agree? This is in part due to all of the textures that make a neutral scheme come to life.

via Apartment Therapy
So soothing! Add a soft throw, some candles, a little red wine and you are all set for a relaxing evening!

I am seriously considering ditching the blue scheme I had planned for my living room and living with neutrals instead - at least for the winter. Could you live in an all-neutral room? 


Karen said...

I love a neutral room for all the reasons you mentioned. They are soothing and relaxing to come home to.

Leah said...

I swear you find the best pics!! These are all so cozy and inviting!


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