Path to Design ~ 10.22.10

Over the past couple of weeks I have started brainstorming how I am going to brand my company. This is no small task! I love the topic of branding so I had been very excited to get to this point. However, it's a little overwhelming to consider all my options when it comes to the logo, key messages, and overall look and feel of the business. 

Nato Welton

First, it was critical to think about my target market and how I plan to reach them. This was the easy part because I have a good sense of who could benefit most from my services. Next came researching the target market's behavior and perception of interior design, to figure out how I would approach them. Overall, my goal is to work with those who would have typically been intimidated for one reason or another to hire a designer.
Nato Welton

I am still working on creating my "elevator pitch." I have drafts of it, but it needs to be more focused and succinct. Once that is in place, I am going to start really defining what my colors, logo, etc. will be. I've started gathering different ideas I like but some are completely different than others - I don't know how I will decide!

Sandra Lane

So now I have one question for you: I had decided on the name of my company, Estilo Home Interiors, long ago. I've even already done all the paperwork for it (except for the actual trade name registration), but have recently gotten some feedback that I should consider something that is easier to pronounce and more directly reflects the services of the company. So now I'm rethinking it! What is your opinion on this? I am inclined to keep it but thought I better get additional feedback before it really is too late.

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Katie (Re:fresh Design Studio) said...

I think your name sounds great! It suggests that you do home interior design and includes your last name. Not sure how much more specific you can get! Sounds like you are on the right track with all your business decisions.

Mary @ RoomPolish said...

I love following along as you start your business! I think that Estilo Home interiors is a perfect name. It's different, it has meaning, and it's YOURS! I say go for it!

Arianna Belle said...

I think you should keep it! I originally had thought of Casa Bellisima for my business' name but decided against it because (1) people were pronouncing it the italian way not the spanish way (the way I intended) (2) there was a restaurant with that name and they were coming up as the top search engine result (3) the name of my blog was Arianna Belle and was already all over the internet. In your case, I don't think too many people will have a hard time pronouncing Estilo, and I just googled Estilo Home and you came up at the very top which means your blog has already helped with SEO!

p.s. Email me if you wanna chat sometime this week :-)

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