My Wish List - Tables!

Continuing with my dream wish list, I am going to showcase all of my favorite tables!

1. First up is the Saarinen Table:


Whether as a dining table or side table, this table is so wonderful. I currently have the cheapie Ikea version, but I hope to one day upgrade to the real thing.

2. Clear coffee tables

Made with either glass or lucite, either way I love these tables. I am contemplating one for my living room, as it is such a great item for a small space. It has minimal visual weight, helping the space feel more open.

Oh how I love this table! I can't quite explain why, but I always love spaces that use this table, whether the coffee or side table version. I like the texture it brings to a room.


I mean, who doesn't love this perfect desk? I think it works as well as a desk as it does a console table. I so wish I had gotten one of these instead of the desk I got. Oh well, eventually!

5. Bungalow 5 Nightstand:


This is such a cute side table. I love the detail on the legs as well as the ring pulls. I think it looks great next to so many different styles of bed.

I'll be back tomorrow with the color series, then more of my dream items for the remainder of the week!

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