It's Friday!

So glad the weekend is finally here! I have a lot in store for this weekend, including buying a new television and a couch! The online picture of the couch is not great, and not of the color I'm getting, so I will keep you in suspense for eight weeks until it's finally delivered. I've never shown you pictures of my living room for a reason - our old TV and couch are a bit of an embarrassment! It's hard to believe we lived with it for nearly two years. My husband and I finally had enough and took the plunge, all at once (though we've prepared for this for a while...)
Anyway, I wanted to share this inspirational picture I recently came across. Now that I'm contemplating going from a cool blue to "boring" beige on my living room walls, I've started to think about maybe painting the ceiling for some contrast. We'll see if I actually go through with it, as I think painting ceilings are such a pain.

In this picture, the ceiling is actually wallpapered! Such a fun idea! Though it is probably even more of a pain to put up (not to mention remove...)

What do you think, would you wallpaper your ceiling? Have a great weekend!

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Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

I think wallpaper is great for the person who picked it out... but awful for the next owner! I can't even imagine how painful removing it would be!!

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