Happy Friday & New Project

Hello! So glad another weekend is coming! I plan to spend a lot of time outdoors - we'll be out at a friend's boat tomorrow - can't wait! I will also be busy working away on a new design project! My brother has recently moved to a beautiful apartment in the city and needs some major design help. Major as in, the entire apartment needs to be decorated.

I came by earlier this week to start taking measurements and figure out what stays and what goes. We came to the conclusion that everything basically has to go, so we'll be pretty busy in the next couple of months! We hope to take the place from uninspired Ikea-land to something more like this:

 domino, source

His apartment is full of character (for example, the lovely built-in bookcases under his living room windows,) so it's time to upgrade his furniture into more refined territory. Of all the inspirational images I've showed him so far, the domino image above caught his eye the most. Not necessarily the color scheme, but the tailored elegance is what we are striving for.

I have started to gathered a few more inspirational images to get us going:

domino, source

domino, source

domino, source

Nate Berkus, source

 Frank Roop, source

I am so excited to start this project! Of course, I will be taking you along for the ride. Have a great weekend!


Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

I love all of the inspiration images! I can't wait to see the project!!

Arianna Belle said...

Sounds like a fun project!! A whole apt! I'm excited for the ride!

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