Blue Living Room - Hmmm...

Just when I decide I am absolutely sure I want to repaint my living room, which has been blue for two years, I come across this:
From Lonny Mag - have you checked it out yet?

This is almost exactly the same color we have on our walls. I have tried, and feel like I failed, to make our place feel an air of sophistication with this color. It just felt too "beach-y" or something. Granted, the living room was never fully decorated (but it will be soon, hopefully!) I guess I just needed a few chic accessories to complete the look.

Our living/dining room

At this point, I am not backing down though. I am hoping this weekend I'll have some time to stop at the paint store and pick up some samples of a more neutral color. One of the colors in the running is BM's Edgecomb Gray, as seen here:

I also liked BM's Annapolis Gray, also seen in Lonny:

I'm a little hesitant about how this will go as our living room is North facing and gets very little sunlight. The blue did help make it feel brighter, but I guess I've just grown tired of it. If you have any suggestions for darker rooms, I am all ears!


Jen said...

Oh how I'm loving that globe light in the first picture. Stunning!!

House of Design & Style said...

I think the rule of thumb with a dark room is to keep the palette light and fresh. How about a very light chamapgne looking color or a beige? Both are neutral and would go beautifully with your decor.

Flavia @ Estilo Home said...

Andrea, I'm definitely starting to think a beige-y color is the way to go. Thanks for your advice! We'll see what I end up with.

Karen said...

I love your current wall color, but neutrals make changing your room's look so easy. I know designers are always advising against "boring beige" but a neutral never goes out of style and is easy to work with. I like the gray you are considering.

Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

i don't think you can go wrong....all your inspiration is gorgeous!


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