Just a Little More Homework...

I still can't believe I'm done with school and officially an interior decorator! I am excited for the possibilities as well as the free time I'll now have. Then again, I have a growing list of steps that need to get done in order for me to succeed. These should keep me busy for a while:

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Since feeling a bit discouraged about my future, I stopped by the library and picked up several books on design and opening a business:

So far I'm really enjoying browsing through them. One thing I am learning though is that I still need to get more hands-on experience before I am ready to go out on my own. At this point my goal is to work for an established designer and learn as much as I can about the business. Still, it's never to early to start plotting my path to working on my own one day. 

Have you read any good books on the subject? What is on your to-do list these days?

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Dayka Robinson said...

congrats! you're embarking on such a wonderful time, and your list looks like it will definitely take you to where you want to go.

my to-do list consists of finishing up a few projects before starting school on monday. i have LOTS to keep me busy!

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