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I'm so glad the weekend is finally approaching... this has been one interesting week for me. Anyway, I'm also excited because this weekend I have my second meeting with my client (a friend of a friend). She and I met at her place before the holidays to talk about her design needs, take measurements, etc. I presented her a moodboard over email soon after, but realized soon that it was not the best way to communicate my design ideas (live and learn!) so we agreed that meeting in person again will be the way to go (I also changed a few items on my board). So I am excited to finally "formally" present my ideas.

Anyway, the photo above is one of my favorite images I've seen in a while. The color scheme just grabs me. The pillows, throws, mirrored sconces, the natural wood just above - everything just mixes so well. I also love how small and cozy the space is (not to mention the reading area upstairs!) What do you think?

Have a great weekend!


Katie (Refresh Design Studio) said...

It's all about trial and error and find what works best for you, isn't it? Good luck on your presentation this weekend!

Flavia @ Estilo Home said...

Katie, that is so true. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I absolutely love this room as well. Those mirrored sconces are just beautiful and i am dying to get pair of those for my house. Do you or anybody know where i can get them. Thank you in advance.

Flavia @ Estilo Home said...

Olessia, I've seen a similar sconce at Pottery Barn, though unfortunately it seems it's no longer in stock... http://tinyurl.com/yew6wc8
Z Gallerie usually has some nice ones as well.

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