Resolutions & One of My First Mood Boards

Do you make New Year Resolutions? I actually really enjoy them, and have been writing them down around Christmas-time for years. I meet with my best friend and we go over what we've accomplished and what our upcoming goals are - it's become a tradition I really look forward to.

Last week Holly over at Decor8 asked us to share our resolutions, so I thought I would do that here as well:

* finish decorating and declutter my home - even though I made great progress this year, there is still so much left to do to, especially in terms of decluttering. I feel like we are already growing out of our condo, but I really believe it's because we are holding on to things we no longer need.

* find more time for self-reflection - I feel like I am always on the go and don't make time for myself as much as I used to. I really miss it, I think it's so important to recharge.

* attend more events and performances - I danced all my life, but stopped a couple of years ago and really miss it. Unfortunately there aren't many classes near home that fit my schedule, but at least I can attend more live performances, which I love.

* blog more regularly - I am hoping to establish a more consistent posting schedule here, and have a few ideas for posts. I'm also taking Holly's BYW class, so I am sure that will really help!

* continue to work towards my career - I'll be completing my decorating certificate this coming year, so I'll be ready to take on the decorating world :)

Speaking of Decor8, I thought I would share a mood board I created (back in 2007!) for a contest on Holly's site. I was so excited when it made it as a finalist! It was only the second board I ever created, after the one I did for class.
  "Beachy Modern"
What are your resolutions? Please share!

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