The Various Paths for Interior Designers

Yesterday, thanks to my wonderful and supporting boss, I had the opportunity to attend a lecture at the Washington Design Center. I heard designer and author Cathy Whitlock speak on the "new directions for today's Interior Designer," based on her new book, re-de-sign.  

It was actually my first time at the design center, so that alone was so exciting for me. But the lecture was also very interesting. While the title suggests this would only apply to those already practicing interior design, in reality all of the suggestions Cathy provided could also be useful to those looking to get into the field.

To summarize her point, she suggests that due to today's tough economy,  the key to a designer's success is diversification. In residential design alone, one could branch off to do color consultations, storage design, kitchen & baths, entertainment rooms, and more. Other suggestions include branching into the areas of retail/wholesale, product design, media, and others.

I'm thinking of getting her book though (at the library hopefully since it's pricey!) to try to better understand how one would actually get into these specialties. A lot of the ones she mentioned, to me are dream jobs! Being a television host, a market editor for a magazine, book writer, set designer...they seem so unattainable unless you are already a successful designer.

Having said that, I left feeling hopeful that my decorating certificate will not only help me open a future business, but also open doors to some of these other careers, including display design, set design, furniture design, and shop ownership. In my day job I actually write for trade architecture & interior design magazines, so it seems I'm on the right path to becoming a diversified designer!

Next week I am attending another lecture, so I will be sure to post about it here. Have a great weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Where are you doing your design certificate?! I'm one class into the program at NVCC and wanting to finish it all now!

Flavia @ Estilo Home said...

Hi Leila, the program is actually at NVCC too! It's a brand new Design & Decorating certificate, and being offered at the Annandale campus. I'd be happy to tell you more about it. I actually wanted to do the associates but work in DC and it's too hard to get out there in the evenings.

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