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As I continue to define my design aesthetic, I've started going through my various inspiration folders to try to find commonalities between the various pictures I've collected. Something about this image from Canadian House & Home immediately caught my eye:

Canadian House & Home

I love this picture for many reasons. First, the home was featured in the magazine's small spaces issue. I am always inspired to see what people do with their small homes! I always draw more inspiration from these rather than the big, over-the-top spaces. I also like the feminine and glam vibe that the chandelier, the curved sofa, moroccan-style coffee table and pouf create. That decorative pom pom adds such a whimsical touch.

Two aspects I see here that seem to always pop up in my saved pictures are the use of at least one modern piece of furniture (the Saarinen table) and a neutral base with hits of color on the accessories. I also like to see welcoming touches like the fuzzy pillows and the soft throw on the couch.

Can  you see anything in this picture that fits your design style?

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Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

I love the neutral palette, which is very much my aesthetic, too! Love image!

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