It's All Coming Together

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was great, I did some shopping for the dining room and found the perfect fabric! Enter my new color scheme (what is it, my 3rd??):

Carla Miller for Rowan Fabrics; purchased at G Street Fabric but image from Virginia Quilter

The chevron pattern is what caught my eye, then I saw the turquoise and figured I had to take it home, even though green was not in the plan.

I mentioned before that my dining room is right next to the living room (it's really one big room) so all of it has to coordinate. Well, this fabric perfectly complemented an old chair that we have, which has always been an eyesore but we plan to keep until the dog grows up a bit!

Amazing how this one fabric managed to tie it all together. I have already found a couple of accessories that coordinate with this fabric as well, so now it's officially turquoise, moss green, and purple accents! I still like the former scheme and may use it come spring - I love to change the decor around with the seasons - but this one just feels right for now.

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