End of Summer Balcony Makeover

This post is going to feel a bit out of season, when everyone is looking ahead to Fall. But, thanks to end-of-season sales, my outdoor balcony - which I have worked on in pieces all summer - finally feels complete.

I love spending time our balcony, which is always nicely shaded and very private. But, the design wasn't exactly inviting. In the beginning of the summer, it looked like this:

One by one, I started buying some accessories and spray-painted the tired table and chairs a fresh white. What I kept waiting for in order to pull the whole space together, was a rug. Patience paid off, though, as last week I found an awesome Greek key rug in the right size for only $25! Finally, this is how the space looks:

The bench, which we bought last year, came with the green cushion, so that set the color scheme. I already had the chair cushions, which are green and blue, so those were staying as well. I needed something brighter though, so I was excited when I found the long pillow at Home Goods, which brought all of the colors together.

Next, I spray-painted the table and chairs, which also helped to brighten up the space.

Bring in a couple of accessories and the rug, and I am finally really excited to spend time out here!

Talk about delayed gratification, huh? Luckily the weather will still feel warm for a few more weeks, so I can definitely enjoy the space for a little while longer. Plus, for less than $50 for the whole makeover, I am way ahead of the game for next spring :)


The Sister Sophisticate said...

I love it! So cute! What an awesome bench! Oh I think its right on time no matter when you are finished, but I am glad you get enjoy a few weeks of it!

Karen said...

What a smart idea to take advantage of end of the season sales to get a jump on next year. It's kind of like buying decorations at the after Christmas sales, you're all ready when the season arrives.

Enjoy the rest of the warm weather on your newly updated area.

Aaron said...

Nice bench!

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