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Hello! I am back from New York and had a blast! I really wish I could share with you all about the show as I had planned to do, but unfortunately I cannot tell you more about it just yet. But I had such an incredible time and cannot wait till the show airs. If you ever have the opportunity to go up to NY, I highly encourage getting tickets!

Did you watch Secrets from a Stylist on HGTV last night? I thought it was great! I really like her style and love that she went into detail explaining why she made certain design choices and even showed us several different ways to style one room. I felt like I could actually learn from her. I have only felt this way about Sarah Richardson (especially her first show, Room Service, where she would take us step-by-step into her design process.)

Here are a couple of shots from last night's show. You can find more on her blog post here

Above three photos, source

Here are a few more images from her beautiful portfolio:

Last four images, source

What did you think of her show? What is your favorite design show right now?


Arianna Belle said...

Aww! I totally missed it! Hopefully I'll catch one of the re-runs. From what I've seen in the previews it looks very promising. I thought she definitely deserved to win design star!

Karen said...

I had to tivo it, but this makes me want to watch it right now. I love her style. I like her attitude that if you take pretty things and put them together, they somehow work.

Anonymous said...

I missed it too! I will have to watch it and get back to you! :)

Unknown said...

You just reminded me! I need to tivo this so I don't miss it again! Thanks!xx

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