Purple & Gray Condo

While we are on the subject of style evolution, I happened to come across images of a condo that perfectly illustrates how my own style has changed over the years. I just picked up the House & Home Condos Lofts & Apartments special edition, and opened the pages to a beautiful gray and purple condo that would have been 100 percent my taste had this been 2 or 3 years ago.

While I still love it, I know I would have gone crazy back then for the home's clean lines, neutral palette with hits of geometric patterns, and its overall modern aesthetic. 

In my last home, all I owned had sleek, straight lines. No curves or ornate designs in sight, much like this condo.

 (I'd still flip for that cozy dining nook any day though!)

For years, purple was my ultimate favorite color. It seemed like everything I owned was purple, and my decor was no exception. Seeing the bedroom below would have made me want to paint my own purple accent wall.

However, these days, I'm suddenly more drawn towards transitional style,  and find myself replacing some of those clean-lined furniture for softer, curvier pieces. I believe my designs will always have a modern influence, but now they may be infused with more classic - and dare I say it - ornate pieces!

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condo in Philippines said...

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