School No More

My apologies for neglecting this blog for over a week! Last week was not the best...
I met with my school advisor, who tells me that they will no longer offer a night program in Interior Design at my school! Now, I knew this was coming, but so far the classes were still being offered, and I thought I had gotten into the program on time. Not the case! Apparently the last time they offered the I.D. class I need to take next was the Spring semester, and from here on out it is during the day only (the middle of the day no less). Um, thanks for telling me!! (granted, I wasn't eligible to take it then because of pre-requisites, but it would have been good information to know!)

She suggests I basically have to make the decision between working full-time or going to school...Honestly, that is just not an option at all right now, which sadly puts my school plans on hold right now, given that this was only program near me that offered night classes.

So much has been swirling in my head. I'm considering applying for a MFA in Interior Design (I was going for a second Bachelor's.) The classes are still during the day but at least I'd feel like I was progressing with my education and could finish the program a bit quicker. But either way, I'd have to wait until I was in a better position to work part-time or quit altogether.

Another much more affordable and less time consuming option (and that I could start now) would be to go the interior decorating route. Honestly, I might enjoy that more anyway. I don't know...so much to think about! I still can't believe all this, but I'm not giving up my dream!

Sorry for venting, but thanks for listening. If you have any advice, I'd love to hear it.

I'll leave you with a couple of pretty picture that cheered me up today :)

images from decor8


High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh sweetie I'm sorry to hear the news.

It's my first time on your blog and I'm already enjoying it.

Don't give up on your dream!

I was going to go to back to school of my degree in ID, but I didn't want to get another BA because the majority of the classes were during the day and I couldn't quit my job.

I went the certificate route instead and I'm going to do interior decorating.

A lot of our favorite ID are actually decorators so it's not a bad route to go.

I figure eventually I'll be able to go back and get my Masters, but till then I'm enjoying my certification.

Flavia @ Estilo Home said...

Camila, thank you for your advice (and for stopping by!) I'm glad to see that the certificate route is going well for you. I am highly considering that now - in fact, my local community college literally just started a certificate in I.D., which feels like it's meant to be (at least for now).

Kristin said...

Hey Flavia! I am currently researching universities to pick up my Masters degree in Interior Design. Which route did you end up choosing? Sorry to hear you had to make the decision in the first place - work or school!

I hope things worked out well for you!

Flavia @ Estilo Home said...

Hi Kristin, that's great you are considering a master's. I actually have decided not to get one (for now). I've started speaking to some interior designers, who say that for residential design (which is what I am leaning towards) you'll really not get a return on the investment - and it is not necessary for entry. I'm actually probably going to backtrack and get an associate's now! I can always use the classes there as prereqs to the masters if I go back to that. We'll see!

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