School's Out!

I've been busy wrapping up my class this quarter, and it's finally over! I typically take two classes per quarter, but this time I only took one class but it was so demanding, I managed to be busier than I was before. I'm excited about having a break before going into the summer quarter and hopefully I'll be able to work on some projects around the house!

Because I didn't take any art classes when I was in college the first time around, I've had to start completely from scratch. This means drawing classes, 2- and 3-D Design, Art History...all of the foundation classes. Here's a sample of the work I've done so far:

Drawing Foundations

3D Design

As you see, I haven't been able to jump right into Interior Design (though I have already taken Intro to Drafting.) But I have learned so much so far about composition, shading, scale and balance - skills that I will always incorporate into designing interiors. It's been a great experience. Next quarter I take Color Theory, and I am really excited about that class!


So there you have it...a small glimpse into the baby steps towards my dream career!

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