The Bedroom Transformation Begins

I finally had a chance this to start making changes to the bedroom. I recently bought the night stands and new dressers, and now they are finally built! Now that we know where the bed will stay, I was able to put up pictures as well...I feel like I barely started and it already feels like a major transformation! Check it out:

Yes, it's all Ikea furniture (which gets a bad rep but I'm a big fan.) I originally hoped to mix things up a bit with different styles of furniture, but in the end, I chose this streamlined look since our bedroom is so small. This feels less cluttered and provides plenty of much-needed storage. I'm pretty happy with the result.

Most of the artwork is temporary. I used some old calendar images, scrap paper, and pictures I've taken but printed on my home printer, but it works for now. The only artwork I bought so far is the "Love" poster (it's actually a notecard!) from OrangeBeautiful. I think it's a sweet message to have above the bed of two newlyweds :)

Up next will be sewing the pillows...right now the fabric is just folded to cover old pillows! I am still trying to learn how to sew, so we'll see how that goes! You are probably wondering about the other walls in the room - more to come on that soon.

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