Visual Styling

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been working a new job these past few months. Basically I needed a job that allowed me to go back to school. Although I missed the interior design aspects of my last job (which is obviously something I will get back to when I get my degree), my current job is pretty fun - I am a visual stylist! I rather not say exactly where, but I think you will be able to guess based on the photos I am about to show you :)

Visual styling/merchandising has really helped me fine tune my design skills, particularly when it comes to styling decorative objects. I can honestly say I was not very good with accessories before, but now I love it! Accessorizing has always excited me, but when I would put together, say, a collection of vases, it never came out quite right. Through this job, I have learned some great tips and tricks that allow me to create visually interesting vignettes.

Here is one I put together recently. Typically at work we are asked to follow a picture to style the store, with a little room here and there to experiment. This was one of the few instances where I had a chance to "wing it," which was so fun!

 (unfortunately the pictures/colors didn't come out great, but you get the idea...)

One side of the display was blues, aquas and grays, while the other was purples and browns.


So now I am hoping to share with you what I have learned so far! I will be starting a new series that is all about styling, explaining to you what works and what doesn't. Hope you enjoy!


The Sister Sophisticate said...

Hmm...let me guess! I am also a visual merchandiser! Maybe we can exchange tips!

Flavia @ Estilo Home said...

How about that! Yeah, we can definitely exchange tips!

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