A Very Productive Weekend

Hello, hope you had a wonderful weekend! Mine was the perfect mix of relaxing and productive. It had been so long since I had a weekend like this, so it felt great.

On Saturday, I went to a few consignment and design stores with a friend. On the way there, I came across an interior design studio I didn't know was there. Of course, my curiosity peaked and I decided to come inside and talk to the owner. Turns out, the studio is called Sanctuary on Church, and they sell some beautiful accessories as well as offer design services.

I spoke to one of the owners for a bit and told her I am starting to get into the field. She had some wonderful advice for me. She was so friendly and welcoming, that I decided to ask whether she would let me shadow her in one of her jobs - and she agreed! So hopefully I will be doing that soon. I am excited to learn more of the ins and outs of the job that you don't learn in school.

I didn't buy much at the consignment, but I did walk out with this crystal decanter:

I'm slowly building up a nice bar:

Then on Sunday, after a little trip to Home Depot, I walked out with a sample for a kitchen backsplash, and it's going to work out great! I've been wanting to do this for so long.

I also finally picked up a sample pot of what will probably be our new living room wall color. After looking through billions of colors, I kept coming back to Behr Parisian Taupe. I was surprised to actually feel like I nailed it with the first sample pot!

The picture is not very accurate, it's more taupe-y and looks a bit grayish at times - exactly what I was looking for.  I only sampled it on a piece of bristol paper, but next I am going to paint it on part of the wall, and hopefully it will work just as well.

Oh, and we also managed to paint our kitchen earlier today, from a boring off-white to... a boring off-white. Yeah, not at all exciting, so I didn't bother to take pictures. Our adorable dog Mac has managed to ruin our kitchen walls, so we just needed to freshen them up. One day when he's older I'll paint it a nicer shade.

Anyway, I feel like I rambled on this post, but I just feels so good finally making progress with projects around the home and taking a small step towards my career! Tell me, what did you do this weekend?

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