Looking Back - Interiors in Lucky Magazine

When it comes to magazines, I am a borderline hoarder - they seem to take over every room in my house. Lately I've been going through some of them and filing away only my favorite articles, but there are two magazines I simply will not part with: Domino, for obvious reasons and for the fact that I have every single issue, and Lucky, since I also own every issue since their debut. I actually have the first three years filed away at my parents' house (yeah, I know...) and when I went to visit them a couple of weeks ago, I went through some of the issues to decide whether I should keep them or not.

Did you know/remember that they used to feature interiors before Domino came around? That used to be my favorite part of the magazine, and I wish that since Domino's gone, they would reinstate the column. I'll keep wishing, but for now I wanted to share one of the articles with you.

Lucky May 2003

sorry text is fuzzy, my intent was to show you the images

Part of the reason I have an attachment to this magazine is that since I started getting them in college, I would look at articles like this one and dream about gratuating and getting my own place. I never did get to live in a cute studio like this or own a pink chair, but it's still fun to look back at the pages that would let my imagination run free.

There is no way I'm throwing these out! What were your favorite magazines growing up?

Have a great weekend!

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Arianna Belle said...

Oh my gosh! I totally remember this! Yes they should DEFINITELY bring it back. I wish I had saved all my old copies -I only have a few of them. I also wish I had saved all my Dominos!

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