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I just love this room, every single time I look at it. To me, it has this dreamy quality to it...maybe it's the expansive windows, or maybe the soothing two-tone lavender color. Whatever it is, I wish I could transport this room to my own home:

Since I can't, at least I could try to incorporate some of its ideas, such as the two-tone wall effect that easily replaces expensive artwork yet offers a striking focal point. The low, bench-style seats are a neat idea as well for places that are tight on space. What do you think of this room?

The photo belongs in Photographer Olaf Szczepaniak's portfolio. Though I can't understand a word, there are many more amazing photos on his site, so if you have some time, I recommend checking it out!

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Suze said...

Oh wow! This is not completely my style but the lavender shades are absolutely wonderful! I want something lavender in my home too!
Have a nice weekend!

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