DIY's Around the House - Part 2

I can't believe it's already Thursday and I'm just now writing! This week has been so hectic, I can't wait till the weekend! Anyway, as promised, here are a couple of additional projects that I've worked on around the house. Again, they are minor (I don't consider myself much of a crafter) but have helped to bring some "life" into my condo.

Up first is my newest "entryway" table. I put that under quotations because the table is not quite at the entrance. When you first come inside, you see a coat closet to your left and the kitchen to your right... The kitchen countertop became our drop off area for keys and mail, but it was driving me crazy! We finally added a small shelf right as you come into the living room that is now serving this purpose. A simple letter holder and basket for keys did all the trick. But of course, I had to personalize it a bit.

This is the mail holder before:

And take a look at it now:

Old habits die hard though, as we still find ourselves throwing the mail on the counter... but at least now the important correspondence has a place to go.

The second mini project is in the kitchen. We hope to do a lot to the kitchen one day, but until that day comes, I'm improvising. There is plenty of white wall space in the middle of the kitchen that is just screaming for some patterned wallpaper or at least some color. Here is my for-now solution:

A simple sheet of foam core covered in some fun wrapping paper, with ribbon trim. I'm still working on adding pictures but I love having our friends and family displayed!

So tell me, what DIY, low-cost solutions have you implemented in your home?

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