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Are you familiar with Sarah Richardson? She is a Canadian interior designer and TV show host/producer, and is my design idol. I want to be her when I grow up! Seriously though, I love her design aesthetic, and she seems so friendly on her shows.

My favorite of hers is Room Service, her oldest show that is barely on air anymore. Fine Living Network occasionally airs it, so now my DVR is full of the few shows I've been able to catch (drives my husband crazy that I won't erase them!) Her newer shows are great too, but the set up of the original - where Sarah talks about her inspiration, takes us on her shopping trips, shows the rooms in progress and walks us through a DIY project - I just love. It's not hyped up and quick-paced like many of the other design shows out there.

She typically using classic and tailored furniture, but adds a modern vibe with her accessories. I'm not sure I've seen a room of hers I don't like. Her website was recently revamped, and now includes lots of tips and images from the episodes. I hear she is coming out with a book too!  Here is some of her gorgeous work:

Ok, I'll stop! This post could get very long...

All images SarahRichardsonDesign.com

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High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh so pretty. Thanks for all the great eye candy!

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