School Projects - Color Theory

I'm back, relaxed and ready for another week! The trip was wonderful, but now I am ready to enjoy the beautiful fall weather we are having, and to start my supposedly less stressful life (now that I don't have school.)

As promised, I wanted to share my projects from the Color Theory class I took this summer. I debated over sharing these because they are really not that exciting, but my goal with this blog was to share with you all the steps I am taking on my interior design journey, so here it is. I actually really enjoyed the class, and learned a lot about mixing colors and coordinating color schemes, even though many of them seemed more geared towards, say, graphic design as opposed to interiors.

The first project we did was the color wheel. We were asked to make them look interesting, so I did mine in 3D.

One of my favorite projects was taking an existing painting (mine is by Katherine Dreier) and change the color scheme. It went from a mostly primary scheme to a tertiary one with red-violet, yellow-orange and blue-green. I traced it, then painted it with acrylics.

This one is a visual representation of a song. I chose "Faithless" by Social Distortion. I won't go into detail of the meaning, but it has to do with being afraid of "breaking down your wall" and falling in love.

Finally, a project related to interior design! We could use any image we wanted (of anything), or create our own. Because I was itching to draw interiors, I decided to trace this bedroom picture, which you may recognize from Domino. The entire artwork was colored in pencils using the pointillism technique (a la Seurat) - yeah, it took FOREVER!

We did a couple more projects but they were not my best :). I definitely would not consider myself an artist - you should see what some of my classmates were doing. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed this small glimpse into my school work.

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